Customer Reviews

Eyrún Eva

I ordered 2 items from the seller for Christmas gifts and they didn’t come in by the expected time. There was also no updates to the tracking. The seller checked right away and ended up sending replacements via express mail. Those arrived within a week and the quality was amazing. Well worth the wait. The people I gave them to also loved them. Great customer service and amazing products!

Erica Peters

Super cute little guy for my office space! Nice and sturdy - looking forward to seeing all his fun glasses!


Love the look of this item, I think my wife is going to love it! The item was a little taller than I thought it would be but that's good as if it was too small it would be easy to be knocked over. I now have a really special gift to give to my wife.

Kelly Schroeder

Really well made piece - I’m very impressed with the quality. It makes me smile when in put my glasses on it!


Very cute project. I bought three different bears as gifts for my family members and they all really liked them!

Melissa Greenwalt

I haven't put it together yet but this is super adorable and I know my daughter will love it.

Noah Rouse

I am absolutely in love with this little penguin! I bought it for my Mom because she’s always misplacing her glasses. Now, whenever she looks over and see’s the penguins with her glasses in, it makes her smile. Very beautifully made. Nice and sturdy. Well packaged. It did take a little longer to receive but was so worth the wait. I’d recommend this store to anyone.

Shannon Karsies

Excellent quality and I receive compliments on how cute it is every day!